We aim at providing the best plastic packaging solutions for your customized needs.

About Us

When we talk about industries, we usually envision heavy machines and highly advanced equipments working in tandem, and churning out goods with sophistication and accuracy. This is valid up to a certain extent, as it is the major part of the whole process, but there are other important, if not equally, processes too, such as finishing, branding and packaging. The whole gist of making a product is to satisfy the utility needs of clients and consumers alike, and to realize the purpose, the commodities need to be delivered to them in a safe and sound condition. This is where the importance of packaging underlies. Established in 1965, Formoplast Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in the domain of packaging products that find utility across a diverse array of industries such as pharmacy, confectionery, bakery, footwear and more. We are a highly sought after Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of packaging goods such as Plastic Packaging Boxes, Plastic Packaging Trays, Plastic Confectionery Packaging Trays, Plastic Blister Packaging Boxes, etc.

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